The project in the press: our female students, interviewed at “Cadena Ser” for their achievements.

Within our extracurricular activity we have attented to several contests and meetings. Our spin-off project, the Techovation event, has been a source of proud and satisfaction for our students this year. Learning programming abilities for our submarines (scratch, blockly, visualino) has resulted in programming also in App Inventor, a similar technology.

As a result, they had to learn and to apply the skills needed to solve real-world problems through technology. Here we have the audio of the Radio interview.

1st pupil mobility at IES Schamann, Gran Canaria: robots, culture and personal improvement

The 1st pupil mobility and its learning and teaching activities took place at IES Schamann, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. We will write several posts about the event. In the meantime, we offer the impact of our activity in the local press (La Provincia)

Nuestro proyecto, en las jornadas de difusión de la Oficina de Programas Europeos de Canarias

En el marco de la jornada celebrada el 27 de noviembre de 2018, nuestro proyecto se presentó en el Centro del Profesorado de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria a todos los centros interesados en solicitar un nuevo proyecto europeo en la convocatoria de 2019.

En ella pudimos explicar las características de un proyecto como el nuestro, aplicado específicamente a una actividad extraescolar y complementaria de robótica, y cómo eso afecta al desarrollo del proyecto. La utilidad de nuestra presentación durante las jornadas estriba en que algunos centros no se habían planteado que las actividades extraescolares y complementarias pudieran justificar una solicitud de proyecto.

The project in the press

We have been lucky enough to be in the press several times, on behalf of the project. We will be publishing here the appearances of the Erasmus+ Project “Through robotics and collaboration, to the successful citizens of the 21st Century” in the press. Here, we have the press article on occasion of the 50th anniversary of IES Schamann.

The IES Schamann, its 50th anniversary ad the Erasmus+ project “Through robotics and collaboration, to the successful citizens of the 21st Century”, in the news.
Our project, in the news, as well as the collaboration with Plocan project.

50 years of IES Schamann!

[News in Spanish] The history of our Institution has been the one of the progress and improvement of the neighbourhood. During the last 50 years, first as a Primary Scholl, then as a Compulsory Middle-school and High School, IES Schamann has been a reference in public education in the Canary Islands, both as a source of innovation and as a workplace of professionals of education.

In the newspaper, we find reference to our Erasmus+ project (Through robotics and collaboration, to the successful citizens of the 21st Century) and other important events during this year.