Students from Kõrveküla Põhikool at Gran Canaria Island

From the 10th to the 17th of December ninth grade students Grete Paat, Marta Roosimaa, Henri Treier ja Reigo Joorits and teachers Juta Laane, Annika Teska and Einar Nõmme form Kõrveküla Põhikool visited Gran Canaria as part of their Erasmus+ project. The host was IES Schamann school in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria city. In addition to Estonians and Spanish, the project participants were also from Komotini, Greece (school named Proto gymnasio Komotinis).

The topic of the event was robotics. The activities included programming, reading of electrical schematics and building submarines. The meeting place was the local school which was completely different from our school: the windows had bars, the students had to leave the school building during breaks and the school bell sounded like a fire alarm. The school also provided education for special needs students,

During our free time, we got to explore the city with Spaniards and Greeks, do sightseeing, enjoy the beach and we also got a chance to go swim in the ocean. Although the temperature was 20 degrees Celsius, the locals were wearing what we would call winter clothes: big scarves, hats and winter coats. We were hosted by local families. The local people were very lively, some would even call them boisterous. They were open-mind and joyous. We were surprised by how calmly everything was conducted in there and how being late for everything was the most natural thing in the world. They eat an incredible amount of white bread too. We also got a chance to try the local cuisine.

From the 6th until the 13th of May we had a wonderful opportunity to host visitors from Greece and Spain. In Autumn, students from our school had the chance to visit Greece. The trip was amazing. In addition to making loads of new friends and practice our language skills, we also gained valuable knowledge and strengthened our collaboration skills.

Grete Paat, Marta Roosimaa, Henri Treier ja Reigo Joorits

City excursion at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Learning about various underwater robots

Joyful meeting at school

In the Submarine

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