Erasmus + 1st transnational learning and training meeting- Las Palmas, Spain

The 1st  transnational learning and training meeting took place in Spain from 10th to 17th December 2017. Five students from the robotics team of our school travelled to Canary Islands just before Christmas carrying bathing suits and flip flops in their luggage! And this was not only because of the good weather: they were going to construct and check  ROVS (Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles). The Spanish students shared their knowledge in submarines with the Greeks and the Estonians. The project consisted of three parts: construction of ROV, construction of the remote control using arduino and finally programming arduino using C as the programming language.

We had the opportunity to visit Innovation Space  and PLOCAN ( the Canary Islands’ ocean platform, a floating laboratory aiming at developing advanced marine technology). We talked with scientists and we saw robots who work in the Atlantic, crossing it autonomously, collecting and transmitting data.We strolled in the new and the old part of Las Palmas, we visited Maspalomas, a museum of technology and also  Puerto de Mogan. A very big surprise awaited us there: we boarded a tourist submarine. For 45 minutes we travelled beneath th

Our students stayed with Spanish families which made sure they had everything they needed. They surrounded them with love and tried to satisfy all their needs.

Before going to Las Palmas, we had to stay a night in Berlin so we grabbed the chance to do some sightseeing there too. We wandered around Christmas open markets and Brandenburgh Gate

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