On Sunday 10/6/2018 the robotics team of Proto gymnasio (a.k.a  Robotrainers) met at the pool of Chris and Eve Hotel to try out their ROV (Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle) which they constructed under the framework of Eugenidou Foundation during the 2018-19 school year. Apart from their robotics instructor, Glykeria Fotiadou, also present to help them with their endeavour was K. Ntantouris, head of the Centre of Informatics and New Technologies and many parents.

The idea for this project started after the 1st transnational  meeting of learning and training which took place from the 10th to the 17th December 2017 in Las Palmas, Spain.  It was there where the Spanish school initiated Robotrainers into the field of submarine robots. The Spaniards shared their huge experience with both the Greek and the Estonian teams thus opening for them a new window to the world. The project, which was concluded in Greece, involved  i)constructing the ROV ii)constructing the remote control using arduino and iii)programming arduino using C as the language for programming.

The Eugenidou Foundation provided the materials so the team had to create the framework, the electrical circuits and insulate the engine. After a lot of trials the team was anxious about whether the robot would work. The team worried that it would suffer a short circuit, go straight to the bottom or just float like a boat! Eventually everything worked perfectly! In fact the idea of setting a magnet to stabilize the robot created the idea of an extra function for the robot: that of collecting coins from the bottom of pools! And it was this idea that gave the signal for extra games at the hotel pool.

Press on the following link to watch a short video about our Hydrobot.

The students who took part in the Hydrobot project were:  Georgitzikis G, Gregoroudis P, Gyftopoulos P, Gyftopoulou S, Kalpakidis D, Koutsouradis E, Mavridi A, Ntikas V, Ntikas S, Petrelis P, Stroumbas G, Sembelidis G, Seferiadou R and Fotinias J. Teachers who cooperated in the making of the Hydrobot were Papadimitriou Z (science teacher) and Hatzipetrou I (technology teacher).